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The Escort Industry & The Covid-19 Pandemic

In this month's blog we ask what impact the past 12 months of lockdown has had on our lives and livelihoods and what the future may hold for the escort industry

Covid 19 pandemic

What impact has the past 12 months had on your outlook on life?

As we slowly come out of lockdown here in the UK with the easing of restrictions we can't help but start to think about holidays and trips abroad and visiting old friends.

It's Been No Holiday!

These past 12 plus months have not been a 'holiday' for anyone and as we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel it's no wonder we are all raring to go! But something may have changed in you? Can you claim to be exactly the same person you were when the pandemic swept over us like a dark cloud and overnight blighted all our lives? Do you still consider the same things important as you did last March or have your priorities, ambitions and goals in life changed somewhat? The likelihood is that there has been a shift in all our characters, however small. Even if the pandemic did not affect you personally in terms of losing any family members or friends or losing your job or income, the many months of lockdown will undeniably have had some effect.

A Pause To Reassess And Reset

Sometimes a pause in one’s daily routine can be a great way to reassess things and set a new direction or path to attain new goals. Sometimes we are so caught up in the daily routine of our lives that we don’t take a moment to stop and consider the bigger picture. Now, I am not saying we all needed a 14 month pause to take a look at our lives, that has undoubtedly been far too long. But, it has certainly allowed us to have more time to think more and do less. I must just say here that if you are a keyworker, a doctor or nurse, a delivery guy or a supermarket employee then you have probably worked harder than you ever have during this past year and the time for reflection was a luxury not afforded to you. For the rest of us however, the endless days of nothingness left plenty of time for thought and reflection.

A Change In Priorities

We may reevaluate our relationships, or jobs, our goals and aspirations. We may reposition in order the things that are important to us. We get a clearer understanding of what’s really important to us and allow more time and energy for that. We may also see that a lot of things that seemed important to us fall by the wayside. The pandemic allowed a lot of us to stand at the top of the mountain and look down on our own lives and work out the right direction we want to be heading. After all, it is only when you pause, you think and you are able to see the bigger picture that you can change direction or perfect the route you are currently on.

A Chance To Be A Better You

I like to think that as we are slowly allowed to resume our lives in some normal capacity we will do so as better people. After all we are now people who have been through a national, and indeed worldwide, shared hardship which we can only hope will bring us closer and make us more understanding of each other. Maybe the past year has taught us just how fragile we are as human beings but also how we can overcome anything when we all pull together for the one common goal. And why can’t we make that one common goal be love?

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